Baked carbonara

  Today We bring you a delicious dish of baked pasta carbonara. A succulent variation of the traditional Italian dish baked in the oven. Ingredients Elaboration Recipe to print Variants Who doesn’t want a tasty dish of Italian pasta? We enjoy like children every time we prepare a pasta recipe to eat. This time, We … Read more

Chicken carbonara

Today we present this tasty recipe that we have called Chicken Carbonara, a less heavy version version of the classic Italian dish. How to make chicken carbonara Chicken carbonara is a version of the traditional recipe of spaghetti a la carbonara, it is very easy to make and I recommend you serve this pasta with … Read more

Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

Receta de los espaguetis a la carbonara

The spaghetti carbonara recipe is a traditional Italian pasta. Possibly one of the most popular recipes in Italian gastronomy and one of the most discussed as well. Ingredients Elaboration Print Recipe It is a basic first course in terms of ingredients, common and easily available, but rich in flavour. And the truth is, there’s a … Read more